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Leading the                        REVOLUTION                     in Wastewater Treatment

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This is not a new generation of advanced septic tanks. 

This is not a modern version of a 1970's era package plant.

This is the solution for nitrogen pollution from septic tanks and package plants.

This is Distributed Sewer. Let the REVOLUTION begin.

By providing access to wastewater treatment anywhere on Earth, OnSyte Performance is transforming the traditional wastewater treatment industry. Through its proprietary combination of industrial automation, edge computing, artificial intelligence and wireless connectivity, OnSyte wastewater treatment technology eliminates the need to pipe wastewater from the customer to the treatment plant.

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An industry first, the OnSyte Performance Dashboard provides real-time access to the entire network of distributed treatment units and provides important information such as wastewater flows, system capacity, and nitrogen removal. 

(The screenshot below is representative of actual dashboard data.)

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Septic Tanks Pollute

(even when they're working)

  • Septic tanks only hold waste solids

  • Contaminated liquids drain into the ground

  • Only “natural filtration” occurs

  • Nutrient pollution from septic tanks cause:

    • Damage to springs and estuaries

    • Harmful algae blooms

    • Fish kills

    • Beach closures

    • Human health issues

    • Economic impacts

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Let OnSyte Help You...

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Eliminate septic tanks in your community and protect water quality

Reach unserved customers in your community

Provide sewer services for your development

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