• Scott Forrester

OnSyte Performance teams up with St. John's River Water Management District

OnSyte Performance has teamed up with St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) to begin studying and testing an alternative wastewater treatment technology. The District, which formally utilized a septic system at their Lake Apopka Field Station, will install an OnSyte Distributed Wastewater Treatment Unit (DWTU). The study will determine the level of treatment offered by an OnSyte DWTU and if it is an option for broader deployment in the District.

Septic Tanks have long been a problem in Florida, especially around impaired water bodies. Two prevalent options, Central Sewer Connections and Advanced onsite treatment units, have not adequately solved the problem. OnSyte seeks to offer a third option, Distributed Sewer, which allows a wastewater utility to provide sewer service to any participating homeowner, regardless of if there is a sewer line in close proximity to their property.

The study will

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