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OnSyte Solutions for Utilities

Regardless of the size of population you serve or the geographic footprint of your jurisdiction, OnSyte has a cost-effective solution for utilities to service unreachable areas and add new rate payers. 

The benefits of an OnSyte Distributed Wastewater Treatment System include: 

  • One permit can give you access to thousands of additional customer connections. Extend your rate base to the limits of your jurisdiction or franchise service area.

  • Low Capital Expense (CAPEX) per connection ($5,000-15,000 per connection)

  • Low Operating Expense (OPEX) per connection ($15-36 per connection per month in a turnkey service contract)

  • Uses standard FDEP domestic wastewater facility permit process, which is familiar to operators and regulators, with low administrative overhead

  • Utilizing a developer agreement, the DTWU equipment and collection system can be funded by the developer and transferred to the utility after build out and system commissioning. With this approach, a DWTS can complement the expansion of a wastewater utility and generate significant, long-term, recurring revenue.

  • Built and operated on Siemens Industries’ hardware and software platforms, and with our ongoing wastewater treatment plant maintenance program, these treatment units have a projected service life in excess of 50 years. These are not “temporary solutions.”

  • DWTUs and SCADA are built from the ground up with industry standard, tested and proven components. Full Siemens technical support is in place to supplement OnSyte technical support as needed.

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